Visioni dal Mondo 2021 Best Italian Feature Film Award

Reflex on the screen by Matteo Faccenda

Motivation: For the original narrative build-up, the project’s rigor, its empathetic ability, for choosing a story and a character that have a great deal to say to those trying to interpret contemporary reality, and for a direction privileging tenderness and masculinity through well-selected and well-edited framing.

Best Italian Short Film 2021 BNL BNP Paribas Group Award

Pupus by Miriam Cossu Sparagano Ferraye

Motivation: For depicting a tradition struggling to survive in our time and the strives of a family, seen through the perspective of a child still keen on dreaming of knightly adventures in a world bound to oblivion.

Youth Jury Special Mentions

Shadow Street by Anton Frankovitch

For the Italian Feature Films section: for the stylistic choice and cohesive union of archive images and family videos, the disarming delicacy through which he unveiled a personal story, and for the truthfulness of his and his own father’s portrayal.

Forget me not by Fabio Marin and Giuseppe Petruzzellis

For the Italian Short Films section: The film managed, through the masterly use of archive material and strongly impactful poetic images, to portray the confusion of the ill person as well as the sorrow and affection of her family assisting her through the process. This is represented in a way that is neither rhetoric nor tear-jerking.

Rai Cinema Award, dedicated to Franco Scaglia

Shadow Street by Anton Frankovitch

Motivation: For being able to grasp and depict the universal essence of an intimate and personal story through an original and highly emotional gaze.

Visioni dal Mondo 2021 Best International Feature Documentary Award

Writing With Fire by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh

The film the award goes to is a new and original take on David vs Goliath. It is an important story of abuse and injustice, where people who were not supposed to have a voice, are finally able to scream and stream all over the internet.
The jury greatly appreciates the director’s ability to narrate, often with a light tone, the journey of these women who, always with a smile, confront very difficult situations and fight against a centuries-old system.
The protagonists are chosen wisely, and the directors sensibly follow their personal journeys, while at the same time describing the social and political harsh environment in which the story takes place.
Narrated with atmosphere and suspense, the documentary is never obvious about what might be around the corner for these Untouchable Dalit women who, through their own newspaper and you tube channel, report about rape, political corruption and social injustice.

International Jury Special Mention

Taming the Garden by Salomé Jashi

Motivazione: Special mention goes to a film that touched our hearts.
A meditation on life, this ecological parable uses images more than words and let form, content and pace interact seamlessly.
Through a story of trees, this microcosmos of mankind gives the director the opportunity to talk about existential themes such as clashes between generations, the spectacle of nature and the passing of time.
The ending scene will stay with us forever.