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October 2017


6 October 2017 h. 20:30
Sala 1

27 are the operas by the greatest Italian composer of all times. In the land of melodrama there’s an exclusive 27 Club - not the Forever 27 of rockstars who died at 27, it’s simply 27 men named after Giuseppe Verdi’s operas. They introduce themselves as Traviata, Rigoletto, Giovanna D’arco etc. From the sweet wrath of these plain-dwellers everything was evolving peacefully until an eleven-year-old child came along: he’s got their uniform, their pin - he really wants to be one of them. A new miracle of the Maestro? Maybe. Or more likely, considering these people’s sinister musical inclination, as…

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7 October 2017 h. 21:15
Sala 1

The documentary tells the unique phenomenon of the Fiorucci empire, which is based on performativity, becoming accessible to everyone and standing out for its freedom of expression. Starting from the opening of the historic shop in San Babila Square in Milan in 1967, the sounds, colors, and atmosphere of Fiorucci style are revived. In his stores he created a magic atmosphere, you could listen to the Beatles music, sip a coffee, visit his second hand market, in his shops you could meet Andy Warhol and Truman Capote. The documentary relies also on the fascinating historical documentation of the Teche Rai,…

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8 October 2017 h. 16:30
Sala 1

A trip to some of the symbols of the painful memory of the Twentieth Century: from the death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, to Plazow, to the peace of the Niepolomice forest, in Poland, the "Binario 21" in Milan, the train of the deported and the Fosse Ardeatine in Rome, a symbol of resistance to Nazi fascism. Stories of women and men, who have suffered the worst atrocious, absolute pain, told by children and grandchildren, also victims of suffering. In the movie, the sons and grandchildren of the Shoah, who have suffered the worst atrocity, meet for the first time in front…

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8 October 2017 h. 17:15
(Italiano) SALA GREENHOUSE UniCredit Pavilion

Ibi  was born in Benin (Africa) in 1960. She had three children and in 2000 she decided to take a big risk in order to give them a better future. She left them with her mother and accepted to transport some drug from Nigeria to Italy – but she was caught. Three years spent in jail, in Naples. Once released she remained in Italy, unable to see her children and her mother for 15 years. She started to film her life in order to make them understand what it was like. She described her life and her house in Castel…

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UNO SGUARDO ALLA TERRA – part.1 (Evento speciale)

8 October 2017 h. 18:00
Sala 1

A work that starts from the view of Fiorenzo Serra's documentary “L’Ultimo pugno di terra” banned in 1965, to get to discuss on the contemporary Cinema of the real. Prestigious international documentary directors including Vincenzo Marra, Jose Luis Guerin, Claire Simon, Tomer Heymann, Sahraa Karimi, Mehrdad Oskouei, Brillante Ma Mendoza and Wang Bing tell the health of the Earth through their cinematic art. The first part of this documentary project, still work in progress, will be premiered in Italy at “Visioni dal Mondo”. SCHEDA TECNICA Directed by: Peter Marcias Production: Società Umanitaria Cineteca Sarda, Capetown Film srl, in collaboration with…

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