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UNO SGUARDO ALLA TERRA – part.1 (Evento speciale)

8 October 2017 h. 18:00

A work that starts from the view of Fiorenzo Serra’s documentary “L’Ultimo pugno di terra” banned in 1965, to get to discuss on the contemporary Cinema of the real. Prestigious international documentary directors including Vincenzo Marra, Jose Luis Guerin, Claire Simon, Tomer Heymann, Sahraa Karimi, Mehrdad Oskouei, Brillante Ma Mendoza and Wang Bing tell the health of the Earth through their cinematic art. The first part of this documentary project, still work in progress, will be premiered in Italy at “Visioni dal Mondo”.


Directed by: Peter Marcias
Production: Società Umanitaria Cineteca Sarda, Capetown Film srl, in collaboration with Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission
Cinematography: Alberto López Palacios, Simone Ruggiu
Editing: Andrea Lotta
Running time:  54’
Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Contacts: Peter Marcias –

“Discussing with filmmakers about features of Cinema of the real has been a rare opportunity and a great privilege. Showing them my land, Sardinia, thanks to Fiorenzo Serra, has enabled me to understand more the “world” where I live in. A film “Tower of Babel”, a laborious and boundless work. A long project without an end, a unique long-life talk. The Love for cinema and for Earth and communities. ” (Peter Marcias)


8 October 2017
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