Don't worry about India

15th september 2022

4:30 PM

International Contest

Short Synopsys:

Structured as a travelogue, the documentary recounts episodes from the daily life of the family of a young Indian filmmaker who, after a period of study abroad, decides to return to his native country on the occasion of the 2019 elections. With the goal of capturing this historical moment, the protagonist talks to family members and relatives in his social circle but also to drivers, cleaners, and farm laborers, placing the family in the viewer’s eyes as a microcosm of India as a whole. Thus, one perceives a socio-cultural climate, in some ways, still anchored in the old traditions and ideologies of the past. Playful yet provocative, the film thus chronicles a journey through India, posing a reflection on the present and future of this country that, like others, struggles with social and economic inequality, poverty and corruption.


Directed by: Nama Filmcollective
Production: Catpics Ltd, Tamtam Film GmbH
Producer: Sarah Born
Editing: Pola König
Cinematography: Nama Filmcollective
Running time: 98
Country: Switzerland, Germany, India
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

During the general elections in 2019, India is going through a momentous transformation. These elections are an opportunity to tell a story that unites the personal with the political, an intimate point of view in a historic moment in time. It is a film where we treat characters from across the political spectrum with patience and respect, where we examine India’s divisions while also laughing at their absurdities.