15th september 2022

8:30 PM

International Contest

Breve Sinossi:

The film, which premiered last April at the Hot Docs Canadian Intl. Documentary Festival, represents the directorial debut of award-winning journalist Karl Malakunas. “Delikado” takes place in the Philippines, on the Unesco World Heritage island of Palawan, home to one of the world’s oldest, largest and most diverse rainforests.
An investigative documentary that tells an intimate story of environmental activism, the revelation of the true extent of the war and Rodrigo Duterte’s drugs intersect in the documentary Delikado, which follows three heroes struggling to defend the land and rainforests from illegal logging, fishing and the destructive expansion of tourism sanctioned by the Philippine government.


Directed by: Karl Malakunas
Production: Thoughtful Robot Productions, ITVS & POV
Producer: Marty Syjuco, Michael Collins, Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala
Editing: Michael Collins, Eric Daniel Metzgar
Cinematography: Tom Bannigan ACS
Running time: 94
Countries: USA, Australia, Philippines, UK, Hong Kong
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

In 2011, as a journalist for Agence-France Presse based in Manila, I was preparing for a trip to Palawan to write an article on eco-tourism. […] When I was there, I discovered this seemingly idyllic island was being destroyed by the people in power who were meant to be protecting it. I also discovered a small group of people putting their lives on the line trying to stop the destruction. […] I decided to make a film about the land defenders of Palawan.