18 September 2021


Brief Synopsis:

The real estate industry has destabilized the natural surroundings of the city of Concón, on the Chilean coast, forcing the inhabitants and landscapes of the region to find new ways to adapt and survive. “Nest” depicts the cohabitating of species and the accelerated transformation of the landscapes due to human occupation.


Directed by: Josefina Pérez-García, Felipe Sigala
Production: Cine UDD
Producer: Josefina Pérez-García, Felipe Sigala
Editing: Josefina Pérez-García
Cinematography: César Rivas
Running time: 61’
Country: Chile
Year: 2021
Contacts: Natalia Isotta Silva |

Director’s note:

The motivation to create Nest is to expose a conflict of which we are not taking charge. Development is detrimental to nature. The dunes in Concón, in Valparaiso, Chile, are fast-changing, the consequences of the real estate plan in the zone are now clear. Ten years ago, the area’s landscapes were different; rural, empathic with nature, and coherent with the resident population, now it is evident that the urban development and the commercial purpose given to the balneary lead to its destruction of all life in it.