16th September 2021


Italian contest – Full-length film

Brief Synopsis:

Two but not two takes place in the mountains of the upper Val d’Agri, in Basilicata. The Volpe family raises podolic cows that graze in the woods and give milk only if they have their calf next to them.
Rodrigo is an artist who is looking for a wall to create a painting that serves to reinforce the identity of that place. Giovanni and Benedetta have a ranch where horses are trained through a relationship based on such respect that animals are now able to transform the vital states of any customer for the better. These are the stories of people united by the awareness of a non-duality between themselves and the environment, between our decision and the place where we live.


Directed by: Iacopo Patierno
Production: Jacopo Fo Film
Producer: Jacopo Fo Film
Editing: Simona Infante
Cinematography: Paolo Negro
Running time: 80’
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
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Director’s note:

I arrived in the upper Val’d’Agri to follow a theater course with Jacopo Fo and Mario Pirovano. With Federica Sozzi, the author of the film, we started touring the villages. […] There we met the protagonists of the film. I remember the hidden, proud and shy smiles and their gestures. The stories that have become the protagonists of the film are those of Benedetta and Giovanni, Rodrigo, Maria and Nicola, with their lives we have traveled within the territory and discovered profound gestures with the eyes of those who love them.