Hey sexy

17th September 2021




Italian contest – Short film

Brief Synopsis:

“Ciao bella!” How many women have heard these words on the street? And how many men shouted them without even thinking about it? We posed these questions directly to the people on those very streets to understand what the general opinion is on cat-calling, a seemingly universally recognised phenomenon. But are people fully aware of its significance? Do they believe it to be harassment or simply a playful compliment? This documentary starts off by asking these questions on the streets of Rome, but delves so much deeper as conflicting views and feelings emerge from those who are the giving and receiving end of catcalling. Linking all of the emotions expressed by the public is the insightful narration of an expert in gender studies, who will explain in fascinating detail the roots of this phenomenon and the patriarchal system that underlies it.


Directed by: Federica Corti
Production: Federica Corti
Producer: Federica Corti
Editing: Federica Corti
Cinematography: Alessandro Valentini
Running time: 31’
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Contacts: Federica Corti| cortifederica95@gmail.com

Director’s note:

The idea for this documentary came from two great loves of mine: one being Pasolini’s Comizi D’amore and the kind of documentaristic approach that reveals the hypocrisy in society by pushing people to speak from their guts through a spontaneous style of filmmaking. The other being my desire to contribute to the onscreen representation of modern feminism, hoping to tell stories that highlight female condition today. If just one man, after watching this documentary, will put himself in a woman’s shoes before making a comment in the street, my goal will be achieved.