17th September 2021




Italian contest – Short film

Brief Synopsis:

A long love phone call between the director and her boyfriend reveals the difficulties of their relationship, long pauses between sentences denote a strong mutual incomprehension. Is the tendency to carry on toxic relationships the result of an example set by the family? The director seeks an answer. It’s a journey through her parents’ archives and conversations with her mother and grandmother, a journey that always seems to return to the starting point. As in a limbo, the director and her parents do not seem to find a destination and life never seems to change.


Directed by: Lilian Sassanelli
Production: ZeLIG – School for documentary
Producer: Heidi Gronauer, Lorenzo Paccagnella
Editing: Andrea Tomarchio
Cinematography: Lilian Sassanelli, Lorenzo Covi
Running time: 29’
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Contacts: ZeLIG – School for documentary |

Director’s note:

The intention of this film is for the viewer to experience a journey through my toxic relationship with my boyfriend and some of the dynamics that characterize my family. A never ending journey that could repeat on a loop. The mood is both extremely heavy and distressing, and light and playful, and these are precisely the moods that characterize my life in the present. This film is in some ways a representation of my present.