Iron and Bread

18th September 2020



Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

Francesco Capizzi tells the story of himself, with no secrets, in front of the camera, through an endless stream of consciousness, which crosses his music, his works and his thoughts. His life’s story is full of obstacles and falls, but it is also a symbol of a strong hope, of an inner strength, which he expresses through art and poetry. A strength, that has allowed him to overcome long years in prison and that still allows him to live aware of his past, to grow despite the adversities and to invent art day after day.


Directed by: Elia Bassous e Talita Maris
Production: Civica Scuola di Cinema “Luchino Visconti”
Editing: Elia Bassous e Talita Maris
Cinematography: Elia Bassous e Talita Maris
Running time: 25’
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Contacts: Germana Bianco – Relazioni internazionali e festival │

Director’s note:

The directing style is based on a strong component of adaptation to the many unforeseen situations that have happened: the handheld camera has been privileged mainly because it allowed us continuous and quick changes of situation. On the other hand, the shooting with easel, used for the scenes in which the protagonist declaims his poems in the theatre, allowed us to give rhythm and movement and it determined the style that we’ve choosen in the editing.
Elia Bassous e Talita Maris