Fifty Steps

18th September 2020



Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

Climate change and endangered glaciers raise thoughts in those who, like Michele Cucchi, mountain guide and rescuer, live mountains as a passion and work. Today’s challenge is no longer to conquer new peaks but to develop projects that preserve the fragile ecosystem and help those who live in the mountains. Furthermore, due to the glaciers withdrawal, not only traces of our passage, but also missing bodies, reappear as if they travelled in a time machine. From Karakorum, to the Matterhorn and to Nepal, Michele wants to preserve the memory and protect these environments. He is facing a dilemma: despite our raising environmental awareness, are our today’s solutions – perhaps – just “the lesser evil”?


Directed by: Niccolò Aiazzi
Production: RSI – Radiotelevisione Svizzera
Producer: Michael Beltrami
Editing: Samir Samperisi
Cinematography: Niccolò Aiazzi
Running time: 54’
Country: Italy – Switzerland
Year: 2020
Contacts: RSI │

Director’s note:

As a child, the mountain was mythical, made up of giants and ice fortresses. Then it became a challenge for the summit or crossing its glaciers. What remains today of that challenge between man and sublime? The giant is jeopardised, dies. While retreating leaves a testament. For those who can read, it tells stories of a humanity that has passed through and sometimes never returned. But this testament says more. It is the last desperate cry of the lost giant who, from the most sacred place of his kingdom: glaciers, shouts his last prayer: stop!
Niccolò Aiazzi