Il Principe delle Pezze

12 september 2019

16 : 30

Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

Catello is a “rag doll”, a small second-hand clothes retailer who dreams of becoming a costume designer. These “pieces” leave every day from his warehouse in Ercolano and arrive in the most prestigious tailors in the world to dress the best actors of Italian and international cinema. In these splendid ateliers, Piero Tosi, Gabriella Pescucci, Colleen Atwood and Claudia Cardinale will tell us about the beginnings of their careers and the films to which they are most attached. At the same time, following Catello’s actions, fears and desires, we will discover how much a “rag doll” and an Oscar winner for costume can share, if the same passion for the dress that has made Italian cinema unique and recognized all over the world unites them.


Directed by: Alessandro Di Ronza
Production: Gekon Productions
Producer: Francesco Dainotti
Editing: Davide Franco
Cinematography: Raffaele Cirillo
Running time: 52’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Contacts: Alessandro Di Ronza │ │ Francesco Dainotti │

Director’s note:

“Like Catello, anyone who has dreamed of fulfilling their desires in the silence of their room, or of being accepted and loved for their aspirations without embarrassment. The “Il principe delle Pezze” gives voice to these desires in a universal language, despite being strongly linked to his own territory and, for the first time, shows the most original and unpublished aspects of the work that hides behind the spotlight of the film industry.”
Alessandro Di Ronza