Il Tempo Lungo

14 september 2019

14 : 15

Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

In the Corte delle Piacentine, in the heart of the Plain told by Bertolucci, Demesio Lusardi, “paisano”, after some suggestions and premonitions understands that the time has come to see old friends: Robert De Niro, Gerard Depardieu, Donald Sutherland. Forty years have passed since he acted with them in “Novecento” and after that experience, the most beautiful of his life, he returned to work the land. He tries to contact them, in his own way, with the intention of inviting them to dinner. His research crosses that of three young boys who, through the story of Demesius, rediscover the values of their land, a heartfelt testimony of changing times, a psychological and social fresco of a man remained faithful to his ideals.


Directed by: Andrea Canepari
Producer: Gianni Cravedi
Editing: Andrea Canepari
Cinematography: Andrea Orlando AIC Imago
Running time: 60’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Contacts: CRAVEDI PRODUZIONI IMMAGINI snc │ │ Andrea Canepari │

Director’s note:

“”The Dalcò live here and will be the most faithful to the films,” said Bertolucci just before finishing “Novecento”. And the “paisano” Censo Dalcò (Demesio Lusardi) still lives there after forty years, like many of the extras who starred in the film. Long time is a journey through time. Through Demesio’s memories, his reflections, his dreams, he reconstructs and tries to answer an important question: does cinema turn dreams into reality? What remains of it after its passage through the territory and in people’s memory?”
Andrea Canepari