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6 October 2017 h. 15:45

The trial of the highest Nazi leaders in Nuremberg at the end of the Second World War was not enough to annihilate totalitarian ideologies and their mechanisms of destruction, from Latin America to Cambodia, from the former Yugoslavia to Rwanda, where in  the last sixty years crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide have been committed. Against this murderous craziness, stand the international Right and Court of justices that fight against impunity and to prevent new tragedies. Among the international legal personalities interviewed in the documentary,  Baltasar Garzon, famous for having “revolutionized” the international justice by a ruling against Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.


Directed by: Favio Fischer, Mon Ross
Production: PAMPA Films
Producers: Favio Fischer, Mon Ross
Editing: Mon Ross
Cinematography: Favio Fischer, Mon Ross
Running time: 77’
Country: Italy, France, Argentina
Year: 2017
Contacts: Mon ROSS / Favio FISCHER pampa.audiovisual@gmail.com

“During  the dictatorship period in our own country, Argentina, the courageous fight of 12 mothers trying to find their missing sons, gave a clear example of how people united could win against injustice. We  witnessed that victory. When we got the chance to meet some of the international representatives of the international justice courts we understood the significance, the importance and the power of the universal jurisdiction to punish those genocides ; we understood we needed to talk about it, because we had to bring as an example the succesfull fight of those mothers togheter with the organizations for human rights , to obtain justice.” (Favio Fischer, Mon Ross)


TRAILER la verita non basta from Visionidalmondo on Vimeo.


6 October 2017
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