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6 October 2017 h. 17:30

The documentary narrates the personal stories of Alex, Aurelia and Mihai which after many years go on a journey into their past – linked with the refugee camp of Latina (a little city near Rome) – which housed about 80 thousands refugees escaping from East Europe since 1956 (invasion of Hungary) until 1989 (the fall of the Berlin Wall and closure of the camp). After a few months in the camp, they went to Canada, Australia and the United States. The Director, whose family hosted political refugees fled from Eastern Europe, starts doing research in the archives, finding many papers and documents about those years, through whom she could tell the story.


Directed by: Emanuela Gasbarroni
Screenplay: Emanuela Gasbarroni
Production: Mela Magnum
In co-production with: Claudia Mastrogiacomo
Producers: Nicola Moruzzi
Editing: Nicola Moruzzi
Cinematography: Marco Pasquini
Running time: 52’
Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Contacts: –

“Because of my personal past, I got in touch with the three former refugees and I felt their pain and their life linked to the years they lived in the refugee camp in Latina.”(Emanuela Gasbarroni)



6 October 2017
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