Till the end

15th september 2022

5:45 PM

Italian Contest – New Talent First Work

Short Synopsys

Martina, friend of the director, has always been obsessed with death. Every year she rewrites her testament, taking into account the people she has around her and she loves. This year Martina has decided to organize her funeral, a ritual which will help the director to face a painful mourning from which she hasn’t fully recovered yet.


Directed by: Beatrice Perego
Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – sede Sicilia
Editing: Beatrice Perego
Cinematography: Beatrice Perego
Running time: 23
Country: Italy
Year: 2022
Contacts: cscsiciliaorganizzazione@gmail.com

Director’s statement:

Since my father died, I have been approaching the world of death. His passing occurred in Bergamo during the most critical phase of the COVID19 pandemic. There was no funeral. To the End chronicles my journey in trying to relive those very rituals denied by questioning what remains after a bereavement and what needs to be let go. Both visually and sonically, the film adopts ritual characteristics. Music, landscapes and songs redefine another space, enveloping a suspended time. Necessary elements to relive the loss and reconstruct the memory. Martina, who decides to arrange her own funeral and in her own way approach death, becomes my guide on this journey.