The Typewriter

16th september 2022

4:20 PM

Italian Contest

Short Synopsys:

May 1978. One week after Italian main political party, the Christian democratic party president, Aldo Moro, has been found killed, the Red Brigade’s typewriter is arrested and tortured. He’s never used a gun, but he’s sentenced to 30 years in prison. Thirty years later, the court reviews the sentence and recognizes that the torture took place.

January 1982. Following the liberation of NATO’s American General, Dozier, a number of complaints concerning tortures emerge from the jailed BR militants. The court will sentence some police agents. Forty years later, an agent of that division, who prefers to remain anonymous, confesses the use of torture.


Directed by: Stefano Pasetto
Production: Ohana Films & Music
Producer: Dimitri Sassone, Stefano Pasetto
Editing: Stefano Pasetto
Cinematography: Paolo Bravi
Running time: 53
Country: Italy
Year: 2022
Contacts: Stefano Pasetto, Dimitri Sassose

Director’s statements:

I didn’t want to explore the ridge of reconciliation, the public abjuration or regret and contrition. I tried to fallow the personal path of those who have burnt a portion of them into the ideological bonfire. I bumped into two “scandalous characters”. The revolutionary who defied the Italian State, renouncing to any benefit coming from collaboration, and the special unit agent who defended the same State up to the most extreme consequences. The worst social conflict of the still young republic and the use of torture are in the middle.