Gigantic Sound

17th september 2022

7:25 PM

Non competitive section

Short Synopsys:

Italian music is associated with opera, pop, and the Sanremo Festival. But Italian music has been much more, and for a period of about twenty years it has produced innovation, avant-garde, experimentation and has inspired artists from all over the world, influencing rock, electronics, cinema, art. The series, consisting of four episodes narrated by Alessio Bertallot, tells, through interviews, music and archive material, the stories of the protagonists of a true alternative history of Italian music, which, outside the usual predictable and popular patterns, gave rise to a new sound, a gigantic sound!


Directed by: Giangiacomo De Stefano
Production: Sky Arte & K+, Sonne Film, Sample
Running time: 4 episods of 43′
Country: Italy
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

Sound Gigante is a work that goes using archives, interviews, reconstructions, graphics and a lot of music, but that was mainly dictated by the combination of events apparently disconnected from each other. The story is in fact articulated through experiences related to the world of soundtracks, libraries, groups and artists difficult to frame, arriving then to the years 80′, in a framework that as the main point of arrival, wanted to show how in Italy music has been much more than the Sanremo Festival or the operetta.