15th september 2022

3:00 PM

Italian Contest – New Talent First Work

Short Synopsys:

The documentary “Sinergia” explores in three different chapters the relationships between three couples of musicians and painters:  Liszt’s trip to Italy, where he saw Raphael’s “Marriage of the Virgin” from which he took inspiration to compose “Sposalizio”; Clive Britton, expert on Liszt’s works, talks with James Bradburne, director of the Pinacoteca di Brera, about the relationship between music and painting. The correspondence between Schoenberg and Kandisnky: the interview with the composer’s daughter retraces their artistic link and their separation due to different political visions. Christopher Rothko talks about his father’s work and his relationship with music. The visual strength of the Rothko Chapel paintings is enriched by the power of Feldman’s composition, created specifically to pay homage to his friend’s work.


Directed by: Arianna Mangone
Production: Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti
Producer: Alessandra Rinaldi
Editing: Mjan Devetak, Davide Artusi
Cinematography: Leonardo Piacente
Running time: 25
Country: Italy
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

“Sinergia”, from the Greek “working together”, wants to tell the interconnection between music and pictorial art. The three chapters are linked together thanks to Clive Britton. On some occasions it was chosen to use fiction, staging the reading of the epistles and the accounts of the experiences of different people within the Rothko Chapel. The film also sees the use of archive material, which punctuates the interviews / conversations. These narrative and visual elements are placed within the city of Milan.