Rozzano 20089

17th september 2022

2:30 PM

Italian Contest – New Talent First Work

Short Synopsys:

The story takes place in Rozzano, in the suburbs of Milano (Italy), and aims to investigate the most hidden stories, of revenge but also of misery and hardship. Rozzano is a district with a high rate of delinquency, but in the midst of socio-cultural decay there is more, and that is what is being investigated. There are three stories that intertwine: Marchino, a boy with a difficult past who, following a period spent in the community, has begun to devote himself to music, and is trying to break through as a rapper; Genny, an ex-convict who spends his days at a non-profit association he names Area 51, his oasis of revenge; Sarso, who dreams of Barcelona.


Directed by: Maria Stella Regè
Production: Atom Production
Producer: Francesco Pacitto
Editing: Maria Stella Regè
Cinematography: Andrea Bertolini
Running time: 85
Country: Italia
Year: 2021

Director’s statement:

The direction is always close to the protagonist, trying to capture the most spontaneous and intimate moments, using for some scenes very tight shots but also giving the viewer the opportunity to orientate himself in the city with wider and overall shots. Some scenes are cinematically studied, others arise more on impulse, but the directorial eye, in each situation, discreetly tries not to leave any important detail out of the field.