16th september 2022

2:30 PM

Italian Contest

Short Synopsys:

In a justice system that condemns prisoners to never see the end of their sentences, Vincenzo and Antonio at least seek social redemption and community forgiveness by adhering to a complex but more ‘human’ path of restorative justice.


Directed by: Vito Palmieri
Production: Apulia Film Commission; Fondazione con il Sud
Editing: Corrado Iuvara
Cinematography: Giorgio Giannoccaro
Running time: 52
Country: Italy
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

“Reparations” is a documentary that tells what restorative justice is through the reality of a cooperative in Bari called C.R.I.S.I. (Centre for Research and Intervention on Interpersonal Stress). It is one of the first Conflict Mediation Centres in Italy, active since 1996, and thanks to its commitment in the area it has become one of the main Italian centres dealing with mediating relationships between offenders and victims. In this documentary we have tried to tell the story of their work: what restorative justice consists of, what are the objectives and the dynamics it triggers. In C.R.I.S. I see an important path that involves the territory towards education to legality and is committed to fighting organised crime and violence by trying to leave a strong and proactive mark.