One More Time

16th september 2022

4:25 PM

Italian Contest – New Talent First Work

Short Synopsys:

The Borri brothers are two old guys who spent their lives competing in motorcycling, winning many races and championships. In the world of racing competition they are known and respected by everybody. In 2018, following their life-long dream, they finally partecipate to what they define “the last adventure”: to fly to America to try to break the world speed record with a 50cc motorcycle, with a bike they built on their own. It’s not an easy game to play, but in the end what really matters is to keep pursuing a dream despite the age. That’s what makes you really alive.


Directed by: Tommaso Montaldo
Production: Pantalone srl
Producer: Tommaso Montaldo
Editing: Benedetta Marchiori, Luigi Lombardi
Cinematography: Tommaso Montaldo
Running time: 61
Country: Italy; USA
Year: 2021

Director’s statement:

I wanted to go for a purely observational style, but it only took me a short time to realise that making my presence felt with my questions could help to get something out of these two old brothers who no longer needed to speak to understand each other. One thing I didn’t take into account was their stubbornness in talking directly to the camera: in fact, they were the ones who pulled me into the documentary.