Once Again

15th september 2022

5:25 PM

Italian Contest – New Talent First Work

Short Synopsys:

A picturesque voyage through the changing seasons on a beach, from its boundless deserts to its colorful summer crowds. No words, just the sound of three unusual beings: the hard life of a beach cabin, the careful eye of a surveillance camera and the tenacity of a reckless old lady.


Directed by: Giulia di Maggio
Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Sicilia
Editing: Giulia di Maggio
Cinematography: Giulia di Maggio
Running time: 18
Country: Italia
Year: 2022
Contacts: cscsiciliaorganizzazione@gmail.com

Director’s statement:

Once Again is a visual story, an immersive experience, where words are not important. A journey in which to dive holding your breath, allowing that the gaze, as the mind, wander freely in the exploration of the worlds which a beach contains. The beach in question is the Palermo one but it could be any other: what counts is that it is a place in constant transformation, following a cyclic motion which repeats itself eternally. Winter and then summer, and then again winter and so on. In this tale, which for its own nature is anti-narrative, the people, like the things and the animals, are on the same importance level, simply inhabitants of a space: it’s the real protagonist. A space got through, observed, digged, leveled, delimited and then freed. A multi shaped place which embraces and only rarely pushes away. The camera moves with irony and curiosity, assuming time after time a new point of view. After having dashed the microcosm on the sand, fly in the sky to observe themacrocosm from above, and after the long winter doesn’t hesitate to dive in the water to observe the bodies which swim above her. The movie is my attempt to recover the curious and full of love look with which I observed the beach of Mondello when I was a child, a place that always gave me happy memories.