16th september 2022

3:45 PM

Italian Contest – New talent First Work

Short Synopsys:

The film tells the story of Nikola, a teenager of Serbian origin, who after the death of his father falls into a vortex of abuse that leads him straight into the community for young boys in Caltagirone. From here, he tries to escape in every way, but only succeeds through music.


Directed by: Ivan D’Ignoti
Production: Bloom Media House, Il Favo
Editing: Ivan D’Ignoti
Running time: 17
Country: Italy
Year: 2022
Contacts: cimolai@bloommediahouse.it; chiappa@bloommediahouse.it

Director’s statement:

In recent years, my attention has always been focused on true stories, people’s stories. This is where the need to use the language of documentary was born in me and the opportunity arose when I got to know the association ‘Il Favo’. Inside a community stories run, even a boy of 15 years old can tell an incredible story.