In the Mind's Gardens

18th september 2022

2:30 PM

Italian Contest

Short Synopsys:

On the shores of Lake Como, an association for mental health meets once a week to write a periodical. Everyone bring their story, their ups and downs, their tragedies and solidarity. Patients, psychiatrists, and photoreporters from all over the world offer a unique view on mental health, its social implications, hospitals, treatments, support for families, and the regulations governing the sector.


Directed by: Matteo Balsamo
Production: Merry-Go-Sound
Producer: Matteo Balsamo, Rosella Bertone
Editing: Matteo Balsamo, Gianluca Sacchi
Cinematography: Gianluca Sacchi
Running time: 92
Country: Italy
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

The documentary starts from the experiences of individuals, patients, psychiatrists and internationally experienced photojournalists. Through their testimonies they tell how the stigma of mental illness is still dealt with today. I have tried to highlight the human side of those who have experienced, seen and documented first-hand the problems of mental illness and the difficulties that still exist in society today.

A unique journey through the past and present both in Italy and abroad