I am Pablo and I feel fine here

16th september 2022

5:50 PM

Italian Contest

Breve Sinossi:

It’s a story of a trip across Spain between friends around the age of 20. Everything seems normal except that one of them, Pablo, is an autistic boy, diagnosed as severe. The great work done on him about his autonomy and display of emotions, where friendship and love really come into play, has meant that today Pablo can embark an adventurous journey without parents or operators. The boys wander aimlessly through unknown places, sleeping in the woods and speaking another language, equipped only with curiosity, courage and pure joy. This trip wasn’t easy but we have realized that a lot is possible if there are love and patience and therefore it was worth sharing it.


Directed by: Antonella Rossi
Production:Association I am Pablo and I feel fine here
Producer: Antonella Rossi
Editing: Antonella Rossi
Cinematography: Ramona Linzola
Running time: 52
Country: Italy; Spain
Year: 2022
Contacts: Antonella Rossi 77a.rossi@gmail.com; Alessia Condò condoalessia@gmail.com

Director’s statement:

The idea of the film/documentary comes from two needs: the desire to narrate a journey among friends through the eyes of an autistic boy; and, on the other hand, the need to find, in a Pablo’s story, a way to talk about inclusiveness and the relationship between the individual and the community in a world that tends to isolate and to label all forms of diversity. More than a documentary on autism, this is a film about this specific case and the relationship between Pablo and his friends.