Hotel Sarajevo

17th september 2022

8:45 PM

Non competitive section

Short Synopsys:

Thirty years after the Balkan war and the siege of Sarajevo – one of the longest ones in contemporary history – three generations tell each other their own stories. We meet Boba, a war fixer; Zoran, who was only thirteen at the time; Belmina, who was not even born. It is a confrontation in memory and trauma, to try to overcome it.

The Holiday Inn hotel in Sarajevo, the “home” of many foreign correspondents and TV crews, listens to and gathers these stories. “Hotel Sarajevo” and its protagonists, retraces some of the events of the conflict in former Yugoslavia to recount the wounds of a war that took place in the heart of Europe.


Directed by: Barbara Cupisti
Production: Clipper Media, Luce Cinecittà and Rai Cinema
Producer: Sandro Bartolozzi, Barbara Meleleo
Editing: Piero Lassandro
Cinematography: Antonello Sarao
Running time: 90
Country: Italia
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

In 1992 the war broke out in the Balkans. Sarajevo undergoes a horrible siege, one of the longest in contemporary history. The documentary tells these events by entrusting the narration to three protagonists, all from different generations: Boba, Zoran and Belmina. The three of them compare their memories of a shared trauma, in an attempt to overcome it. It is a therapeutic path that manages to heal the wounds caused by an event that shocked the heart of Europe.