Genius Loci

18th september

6:15 PM

Italian Contest 

Short Synopsys

In classical Roman religion, a genius loci was the protective spirit of a place. In contemporary usage, the genius loci usually refers to the distinctive atmosphere of a place. In the context of modern architectural theory, the genius loci is the set of socio-cultural, architectural and linguistic expressions that characterise a place, an environment, a city.

A journey through the great Asia, in search of the Genius Loci. A journey within ourselves.


Directed by: Matteo Faccenda
Production:  Coralmente Film
Producer: Matteo Faccenda
Editing: Matteo Faccenda & Everlane Moraes
Cinematography: Matteo Faccenda
Running time: 80
Country:  Italy
Year: 2022
Contacts: Matteo Faccenda

Director’s statement:

The documentary was born from the need for an inner rediscovery through the journey into the unknown. I tried to emulate a visual experience that would overwhelm without the aid of verbal commentary, to leave the interpretation of the subtle narrative unfolding on the screen “totally free”. The journey is driven by the desire to discover one’s inner self and to see the other closely, to discern possible similar questions: each culture offers its own metaphysical and philosophical system.