15th september 2022

3:55 PM

Italian Contest – New Talent First Work

Breve Sinossi:

FENEEN is a journey into the urban music scene of Senegal.

The documentary spotlights the fundamental rule of urban subculture in debunking the stereotyped image of the African continent. It tells about the importance for young people to develop a civic conscience, and the chance to create concrete job opportunities in the rising music industry.
In Feneen, music becomes a metaphor of the way things are done in Africa and in Senegal in particular, that is, despite the lack of means, or sometimes precisely for the lack thereof, and often in order to make up for it.


Directed by: Giulia Rosco
Production: Concerti Elementi
Producer: LVIA, COSPE, CSV
Editing: Giulia Rosco
Running time: 60
Country: Senegal
Year: 2022
Contacts: Giulia Rosco giuliarosco@gmail.com, Jennifer Caodaglio jennifer.caodaglio@gmail.com;  

Director’s statement:

The visual narrative, deliberately devoid of the rural rhetoric and clichés with which the European gaze tends to portray Africa, unfolds between tight sequences in urban alleys and the breath of its views from above. Frontal interviews are harmoniously contrasted with sequences of hip hop dancers and images of crowds under the stages of rap concerts. With FENEEN, the aim is, also from a visual point of view, to restore the unprecedented imagery that the Senegal of rap and urban culture has been able to give itself in recent years.