15th september 2022

6:35 PM

Italian Contest – New Talent First work

Short Synopsys:

Francis, Luke and Raphael, now adults, walk through the black city with a suspicion hidden in their chests. No future to build, no ideal to cling to but only a vague feeling of oppression, inability to act, exasperated fatalism. Luke pleads before his father for a different social system while Francis confesses to his friend a few generations down the road the discomfort and weariness he feels being among his peers. Does giving air to this burden, this feeling of inadequacy because he is aware, really lead elsewhere? Luke goes to the stadium, Francis sings and plays with Raphael, then they meet again and drink and shout and laugh, hoping that the gray mood will change, that the emptiness they carry with them will be filled, just for a moment longer. The important thing all in all is to stay afloat.


Directed by: Chiara Capo
Production: ZeLIG
Editing: Paul Schullian
Cinematography: Giordano Di Stasio
Running time: 47
Country: Italy
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

The film does not try to give sociological explanations to a malaise that could be defined as generational, but simply attempts to restore a feeling of suffocation and confusion that struggles to find a straight path and a clear language. There is no event or parable but a mosaic of moments, encounters and exchanges. Francis, Luke and Raphael represent some of the many faces of an era in deconstruction. Society, perceived as an organism marching straight towards progress without the need for an effective contribution from the individuals who make it up, seems to offer no escape to anyone.