Conflicting Image

16th september 2022

6:50 PM

International Contest

Short Synopsys:

How does the representation of war change in the Internet and smartphone age? This is the question German filmmaker and artist Max Viktor Herbert asks in his documentary film Conflicting Image. Using exclusively footage available on YouTube shot by soldiers, journalists, civilians and tourists in war zones, Herbert portrays the absurd global theatre of war and its representation through new digital communication technologies such as GoPro cameras, TVs and VLOGs.


Directed by: Max Viktor Herbert
Production: Filmwerk Kalliope
Producer: Sophia Schiller
Editing: Marie Falke
Running time: 70
Country: Germany
Year: 2022

Director’s statement:

For years I’ve been interested in creating artwork with amateur footage of deployed soldiers. Not only to understand the exceptional situation of war or armed conflicts but also to portray small details of everyday life and humanity in a situation in which the state of emergency has become normality. Furthermore, the film is a study of modern war aesthetics, which promote a romanticizing and glorification of war, as these aesthetics are becoming more and more popular on apps such as TikTok