Abbagnale brothers: the legend of rowing

15th september 2022

9:00 PM

Non competitive section

Short Synopsys:

“Abbagnale brothers: the legend of rowing” tells the life and successes of Giuseppe and Carmine Abbagnale, multiple world and Olympic rowing champions and Italian heroes between the 80s and 90s.

The brothers, born on the outskirts of Pompeii and trained by their uncle, divided between hard work and study, tell for the first time in a documentary, the story of their incredible international successes, through unpublished repertoire, testimonies of enthusiastic fans, journalists and historical opponents. An exciting story of victories achieved with passion, ethics and sacrifice. An exciting journey into a legendary past of Italian sport at the end of the The Short Twentieth Century.


Directed by: Felice Valerio Bagnato e Gianluca De Martino
Production: Solaria Film, Peacock Film, Rai Documentari, RSI Televisione Svizzera
Producer: Emanuele Nespeca, Elena Pedrazzoli
Editing: Francesco Tellico
Cinematography: Amanda Caprara
Running time: 52
Country: Italia; Switzerland
Year: 2022
Contacts: Emanuele Nespeca

Director’s statement:

The history of the Abbagnale Brothers has fascinated Italy, keeping thousands of Italians in front of the TV. Their is a story of sporting, physical and sacrifice success, especially personal, with which thousands of Italians identified themselves in the period of rebirth and well-being of the 80s. The documentary recalls the epic tale of the brothers\’ exploits and shows the future. The idea is to alternate repertoire with unpublished interviews of the protagonists: the Abbagnale brothers, the coach La Mura, the helmsmen Di Capua.