my father and me

17 September 2021


Brief Synopsis:

For decades among the foremost names in documentary, Nick Broomfield has often implicated himself in the film-making process with honesty and candour. Yet never has he made a movie more distinctly personal than this complex and moving film about his relationship with his humanist-pacifist father, Maurice Broomfield, a factory worker turned photographer of vivid, often lustrous images of industrial post-WWII England.
These images inspired Nick’s own film-making career but also spoke to a difference in outlook between Maurice and Nick, whose less romantic, more left-wing political identity stemmed from his Jewish mother’s side. My Father and Me is both memoir and tribute, and in its intimate story of one family, it takes an expansive, philosophical look at the 20th century itself.

Directed by: Nick Bromfield
Production: Lafayette Film
Producer: Marc Hoeferlin, Shani Hinton, Kyle Gibbon
Editing: Joe Siegal
Cinematography: Barney Broomfield, Sam Mitchell
Running time: 94’
Country: UK
Year: 2019
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Director’s note:

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