18th September 2020



Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

Oscar is an autistic 11-year-old Chinese boy living, with his mother Ayen, at Sicilian friends’ hause on the outskirts of Palermo. Oscar has many fears, the most persistent one is that his mother may abandon him at any moment. The only sentence he says of his own free will is “Mama don’t go”. This fear soon turns into aggressiveness. A trip to China will make explode the conflict between mother and son and a marriage will force them to find a new balance and new communication strategies.


Directed by: Silvia Miola
Production: CSC Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
Producer: Francesco Di Gesù
Editing: Daniela Crismani
Cinematography: Silvia Miola
Running time: 60’
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Contacts: CSC │ tutorcsc@gmail.com

Director’s note:

“Oscar” is an emotional, visceral documentary with almost primitive features. The point of view is that of the child, autistic and foreigner in a context other to him. His only reference is the mother, energetic and elusive. Without judgment and uncensored, the camera follows the evolution of a conflictual relationship in which words, space and time lose their meaning. What remains are a mother and child and their desire to understand each other without fear and without guilt.
Silvia Miola