Artemisia Gentileschi, warrior painter

19th September 2020



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Brief Synopsis:

In 1618 Artemisia became the first Italian female artist to get international recognition. She came in touch with the most brilliant minds of her time, including Caravaggio. The film recalls her life, for which she is recognized as a modern feminist icon, due to her personality and the unyielding defense of her professional integrity, documented in the letters she wrote to eminent figures of her time, like Galileo Galilei. Artemisia’s fame is also tied to the rape trial she started against a colleague, Agostino Tassi. She survived the experience thanks to her moral strength and, through her painting, succeeded as a woman and as an artist, producing masterpieces that can touch the heart and soul of audiences who admire them.


Directed by: Jordan River
Production: Delta Star Pictures
Editing: Jordan River
Cinematography: Raquel Abellán
Running time: 60’
Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Contacts: Valentina Gramisci / Delta Star Pictures │

Director’s note:

Filmed in very high resolution with passion and attention to details, the documentary follows the life of the great painter of the 17th-century in an oneiric journey through her masterworks, kept in the most preeminent museums all around the world (including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Palacio Real de Madrid and Galleria Spada in Rome). This production focus on the theme of women, artists and the most sensitive human beings.
Jordan River