Res Creata

14 september 2019

15 : 45

Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

A formerly songwriter retreating to the warmth of the stable. A foggy vineyard resonating with the quiet wingbeat of a falcon followed by his young human friend. The bravery of horses and horsemen in a remote Sardinia. A long human procession towards a beached whale. A curious religious festival where snakes are worshipped to reconcile man and nature. Through these and other stories the film will explore the ancient, conflicting and manifold relationship between the human being and the animal. A unique journey amongst unequalled atmospheres, discovering the value of this fascinating coexistence.


Directed by: Alessandro Cattaneo
Production: Zivago Film
Producer: Rino Sciarretta
Editing: Pietro Malegori
Cinematography: Alessandro Cattaneo
Running time: 77’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Contacts: ZIVAGO FILM │ Rino Sciarretta │ │ Alessandro Cattaneo │

Director’s note:

“The film explores various shades of the human/animal relationship, guided by the words and thoughts of peculiar characters who deeply reflected on this topic. From a visual perspective the film will find its uniqueness and strength recounting pristine stories in which humans and animals share the same destiny. An intimate and evocative atmosphere for a film that is at the same time tender, philosophical, anthropological and most of all free.”
Alessandro Cattaneo