Io e Lei: Matilde Gioli e Franca Rame

14 september 2019

21 : 00

Non competitive section

Brief Synopsis:

Me and Her offers a new way to explore the life and art of both contemporary actresses and great women artists, allowing the spectator to discover hidden shadows, original anecdotes, authentic perspectives of icons of the XXth Century. The picture of the woman inside the artist and inside the actress emerges in all its contrasts. In order to tell the life and the work of the great Italian actress, Franca Rame, we follow the work of an actress, Matilde Gioli, during her journey to interpret the character. In this journey we are guided by important personalities who met directly Franca Rame and we are helped by some researches in the Archive and the Museum of Dario Fo and Franca Rame.


Directed by: Massimo Ferrari
Production: MaGa Production srl
Producer: Gaia Capurso
Running time: 30’
Country: Italy
Year: 2019

Director’s note:

“Me and Her: Matilde Gioli and Franca Rame is the result of a hybrid language: a mix between a backstage and cinematographic style, an experience amid the documentary and the fiction. In order to follow the actress in her creative path, it is necessary to adopt a documentary language. The camera becomes a logbook, a confident to tell doubts, difficulties, discovers. The real staging has a more cinematographic language. The result is an original product: a unique adventure in the intimate and secret world of the performer and the performed.”
Massimo Ferrari