Baladì - This Is My Village

12 september 2019

15 : 30

Italian contest

Brief Synopsis:

The Palestinian village of Wadi Fukin is located in the West Bank west of Bethlehem along the green line, and is surrounded on three sides by the Israeli colony of Beitar and the Israeli town of Tzur Hadasa. In 1948 the Israeli army destroyed the village and forced the residents to move. In 1972, residents were allowed to return to the village and build their home within a month. The legend has it that the village was built in just one night.


Directed by: Cristiano Regina
Production: Associazione Voice off
Producer: Cristiano Regina
Editing: Cristiano Regina
Cinematography: Cristiano Regina
Running time: 37’
Country: Italy and Palestine
Year: 2019
Contacts: Voice off │ │ Cristiano Regina │

Director’s note:

“Baladi’-This is my village was born during a trip to the West bank with the Ong Overseas, which manages projects of International Cooperation in the agricultural sector. The material we collected allowed us to give voice to the people we met during our stay in the small village of Wadi Fukin: men, women and children who told us about the difficulties, the abuses, the hopes, the defeats of a people forced to to live a perennial condition of uncertainty and suspension. The act of filming is very painful for me, just as the act of pulling the camera out is likely to be an act of violence. For this reason, before doing so, we worked for days with the villagers, mostly peasants, who gradually accepted our presence and gradually established a relationship of trust with us. It is always necessary to have filled the process of approaching both with the characters and their stories. This patience allows you to feel the right distance between the subject and the camera, in which corner to position it, how to compose the frame and whether to use the camera by hand or a tripod. When I finally understand that it’s time to shoot, I feel I have found the right distance and in the triangulation between those who film, the video camera and the character, something more complex than simple observation or staging will emerge: a feeling of reality, a a singular and unrepeatable truth that springs precisely from this encounter.”
Cristiano Regina