ItalianVisioni Incontra Contest

Final development

  • Barefoot valley, by Alberto Maroni Biroldi, Carlo Prevosti, Effendemfilm
  • Beingrelated to John Malkovich, by Luka Mavretic, Tesla production srl
  • Emirate of Bari, by Stefano Viali, A_Lab srl
  • Manu Ginóbili, by Samuele Rossi, Felice V. Bagnato e Gianluca De Martino, Solaria Film srl
  • Mbaj mende (I remember). A meeting with Fatos Lubonja, by Stefano Grossi, Filmrouge Coop srl
  • My game changer, by Nevet Mazor, Liran Atzmor, produced by Vivi Halpern e Orly Topel
  • Nanyang, by Enrico Parenti, Elliot Films
  • Pulcinella’s utopia, by Stefano Martone e Lucie Guesnier, Ladoc srl
  • Rêve Animal – Animal Dream, by Pierre-François Sauter, Altamarea Film srl
  • Temple of Memory, by Alberto Gemmi, Tekla srl
  • Truth, the Mountain of Utopias, by Francesco Fei, Apnea Film


Work in progress

  • ERTO – The moon underwater, by Alessandro Negrini, Incipit Film srl
  • Hot Spot, by Karin Kainer, Kainer Films
  • Looking for Lenin, by Vincenzo Campisi, La Maladolescenza
  • Looking for Nivola, by Peter Marcias, Sky Survey System
  • Points of view, by Pepi Romagnoli, Michelangelo Filmc
  • Portrait of a Confused Father, by Gunnar Hall Jensen, UpNorth Films
  • Sal negra, by Nikola Lorenzin, Intervallo Film
  • Sergio & Mirta, a love-story, by Fabrizio Laurenti, TZIMTZUM PRODUCTIONS
  • SHE, by Parsifal Reparato, Antropica srl

InternationalNon competitive section

Fragments of a Love Path, by Chloé Barreau, Groenlandia Film