We are Art through the Eyes of Annalaura

Concorso italiano – Lungometraggi


We Are Art Through the Eyes of Annalaura documents Annalaura di Luggo’s “vision” creating “Colloculi”, an immersive, multi-media, interactive art installation constructed in the shape of a Giant Eye made of recycled aluminum, symbolizing environmental rebirth, in which she incorporates her artistic visualization of the lives of 4 young people who who reveal how they overcame adversities – such as bullying, racial discrimination, blindness and crime – found a spiritual path out of the darkness and and reclaimed their self-esteem.

Once completed, the narrative was integrated into the Giant Eye and projected through the pupil, allowing the viewer in the gallery, through virtual technology, to interact and become part of the installation.


Director:  Annalaura Di Luggo
Producer:  Annalaura Di Luggo
Editing:  Christopher Roth, Annalaura Di Luggo
Cinematography:  Emilio Costa
Lenght:  69′
Nation: Italy
Year:  2022

Director’s notes:

My greatest desire is social inclusion and I developed a documentary combining a reportage-style and an innovative video art and sound design style by experimenting the most advanced real-time interactive technologies. I offered “my vision” of four young adults who overcome challenges with strength and dignity and I wanted them to strip themselves of preconceptions and sufferings to become creatures of sublime beauty like their eyes to demonstrate the important concept that every human is special, and WE ARE ALL A WORK OF ART.