Wartime Notes

15th september 2023


Breve Sinossi:

24 February 2022. In Ukraine, everyday life flows like any other day. The first bombings arrive, forcing many to leave the country, others to take up arms, almost everyone to face separations, fears, the absence of basic necessities and bereavement. The film is the director’s journey, driven by the need to get to the emotional epicentre of this conflict, which starts in Warsaw and travels through the cities of Lviv and Odessa and the forgotten countryside of Ukraine, to Kyiv, Irpin, Bucha, Borodyanka. She meets those who crossed the border to survive or help the resistance, or those who remained in their homeland continuing to fight to defend their country and their culture.


Director: Barbara Cupisti
Production: Clipper Media with RAI Cinema
Producer: Sandro Bartolozzi
Executive Producer: Barbara Meleleo
Subject and screenplay: Barbara Cupisti e Roberto Moliterni in collaborazione con Barbara Meleleo
Editing: Piero Lassandro
Cinematography: Antonello Sarao
Music: Tommaso Gimignani
Lenght: 93′
Nation: Italia
Year:  2023

Note di Regia:

24 February 2022, I am editing Hotel Sarajevo, my film about Sarajevo 30 years after the siege. 24 February 2022, the images coming from the Ukraine are exactly the same as those we are editing. How can it be possible that after 30 years in Europe we still have to witness this? Haven’t we had enough? Tatiana is the first person I manage to get in touch with, a few weeks after the occupation of Kherson, she lives in hiding, she goes out to buy bread for her whole block of flats…. she is not married, she has no children… she can do it, she can take the risk of not coming home shot by snipers. Tatiana helps the resistance in Kherson, Tatiana starts sending me visual notes, a video diary of the war. Tatiana becomes my friend and from the desire to meet her my journey begins. Wartime Notes is this: notes in the margins of a journey in search of a meaning to the futility of war, to discover the strength and courage of Ukrainian women and men. Barbara Cupisti