Until the Sun Dies

Concorso Internazionale


Until The Sun Dies is a tribute to the thousands and thousands of lives lost in a war that was never their war. A reminder that, even in the darkest moments, there are those who rise up to write a new chapter in history. A restless meditation on territory and identity, sorrow and community. The film invites us to delve deeply into the stories of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Luz Marina, a mother who is fighting for justice in the extrajudicial killing of her son and the story of the indigenous leader Albeiro. The ancestral Indigenous saying “until the sun dies“ mirrors Luz Marina’s and Albeiro’s uncompromising fight for a world where life wins over death, equality over inequality, and the voice of the people over the imposed silence of violence.


Director:  Jonas Brander
Production:  URUA FILMS
Producers:  Catalina Florez, Jonas Brander, Leonie Pokutta
Editing:  Jonas Brander, Isabel Otálvaro, Laia Prat
Cinematography:  Jonas Brander
Lenght:  89′
Nation: Colombia, Germany
Year:  2023

Director’s notes:

This movie explores how cinema can contribute to the transformative process of it’s protagonists. Filmed over a period of 6 years and entirely self-financed, this project is rooted in it’s radical curiosity, emphasizing the importance of genuine listening and connection. As a human rights activist who has spent over three and a half years in Colombia, I approached our protagonists as friends and I hope, that this humble film reminds us that the voices of those barely heard in mainstream media are those who will pave the way into another future