The Rise of Wagner

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The Rise of Wagner is a thriller documentary film that follows the story of a group of fearless Russian journalists who, in order to uncover the truth about the civilian deaths in Syria and the Central African Republic, expose Putin’s clandestine militia: a group of mercenaries in charge of the Kremlin’s nefarious foreign operations. In this searing exposé, the horrific beheading of Syrian detainee Mohammed Taha-al Ismail by the Wagner mercenaries is brought to court. Released on YouTube, the graphic video of the war crime is analysed by intrepid journalists and investigators, who discover not only the identity of the suspects but also other inhumanities committed in other parts of the world.

Terrifying, urgent and timely in light of Wagner’s presence in Ukraine, this investigative film sheds important light on the big business behind dirty wars, and exposes how this secret militia became the notorious Wagner Group and the rise of its powerful leader Yevgeny Prigozhin.


Director:  Benoît Bringer
Production:  A Forbidden Films, ARTE France, Mediawan Rights production
Producer:  Laurent Richard
Editing:  Soline Braun
Cinematography:  Mathias Denizo, Joseph Haley, Océanne Skarica
Lenght:  104′
Nation: France
Year:  2022

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