The Longest Goodbye

Concorso Internazionale


In the next decade, NASA intends to send astronauts to Mars for the first time. To succeed, crew members will have to overcome unprecedented life-threatening challenges. And while many of these hazards are physical, the most elusive are psychological. The psychological impact of this level of disconnectedness and isolation impossible to predict and endangers the mission itself. Dr. Al Holland, a NASA psychologist, is charged to keep astronauts mentally stable in space. The Longest Goodbye follows Holland, rookie astronauts Kayla Barron and Matthias Maurer, and former astronaut Cady Coleman, among others, as they grapple with the tension between their dream of reaching new frontiers and their basic human need to stay connected to home.


Director:  Ido Mizrahy
Production:  Restless Pictures, Megafun
Producers:  Ido Mizrahy, Nir Sa’ar, Paul Cadieux
Editing:  Anouk Deschênes
Cinematography:  Boaz Freund
Lenght:  87′
Nation: Canada, Israel
Year:  2022

Director’s notes:

Can the human psyche withstand the suffocating isolation of a three-year expedition to Mars?

That’s a critical question that Holland and his team must answer before NASA sends a few brave souls to another planet. The chance encounter with a NASA psychologist, allowed me to undertake a mission to examine my own life choices through the lens of a Space drama. Leaving my family at an early age to pursue my dreams, I, too, felt like I was floating away untethered. In The Longest Goodbye, I tell my most personal story, through a real, riveting, and heroic allegory.