Points of View

Concorso italiano – Lungometraggi


Mihai is a homeless Romanian aficionado of historical novels beggar in the center of Milan with Ela, his Albanian girlfriend. Ela’s unexpected pregnancy and her abortion lead to a sorrowful moment in Mihai’s life. But the discovery of an association dedicated to helping the orphans of the Institute where Mihai had spent his infancy leads him to organize a return trip to Romania to find a job and a house together with Ela. Ela is suddenly repatriated to Albania, and Mihai no longer receives news about her.  He takes with him a dog that attracts the attention or an Ukrainian lady who, to save that animal from the street, offers Mihai a home and a job. His life radically changes until, in a single moment, he manages to send it all crashing down.


Director:  Pepi Romagnoli
Producer:  Michelangelo Pastore
Editing:  Edoardo Maimone
Cinematography:  Giuseppe Campo
Lenght:  86′
Nation: Italy
Year:  2023

Director’s notes:

Punti di vista aims at communicating a universal message about the need of helping others. It’s hard to fathom the thought processes of a person used to living on the street. Mihai told me about his life, starting with his awful early experiences at an orphanage. I tried to help him attain a normal life. I organized a trip to Romania, and looked for a house and job for him in Bukovina, the place he had always dreamt about as a boy. But maybe this isn’t what he is seeking