Missione Asclepios

Concorso italiano – Lungometraggi


Nowadays, space exploration captures the attention of public opinion. Private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin accelerated exponentially the research and development of technological means. Today’s young generations are the protagonists of a new era in space. At University of Lausanne (EPFL), in Switzerland, a group of enterprising young people organize, together with academic institutions, scientists and industry, a space analog mission that simulates a colony on the moon. The director Patrik Soergel followed for a year the Asclepios team undergoing a difficult process of preparation with extreme physical and psychological resistance training. For months on end, they got ready for the Mission.


Director:  Patrik Soergel
Producer:  Michael Beltrami
Editing:  Andrea Levorato
Cinematography:  Ariel Salati
Lenght:  65′
Nation: Italian Switzerland
Year:  2023

Director’s notes:

Driven by the renewed collective interest in the topic of space exploration and our society’s tendency to view young people as apathetic and without ambition, I tell the story of a group of enterprising students at the University of Lausanne. They are, in fact, the protagonists of the coming space age and are aware of the new challenges of space research. Not only technological and scientific issues, but also human and environmental ones.