Dino Meneghin. Story of a legend

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Dino Meneghin. Story of a legend is a documentary that aims to fill an important gap in the horizon of sports stories: to make a product entirely dedicated to the career of Italy’s greatest basketball player. Dino Meneghin is the emblem of our basketball: no other champion of a team sport has been, in the collective imagination, assimilated to a discipline like him.

A true national icon, capable of building a bridge between past and present, bringing new generations of fans, but also the merely curious, closer to a legendary era of Italian basketball.

Dino Meneghin, from the small courts of the Belluno province to the entrance by right into the history of world basketball.


Director: Samuele Rossi
Production: Solaria Film, Echivisivi Produzione Cinematografica, Rai Documentari
Lenght: 55′
Nation: Italy
Year:  2023

Director’s notes