Make People Better

Concorso Internazionale


In 2018, the Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui crossed a Rubicon in human evolution by altering the genetic structure of embryos to produce the world’s first genome-edited babies. This controversial experiment, supported by China’s government and top U.S. scientists, led to an international uproar and swift moves by Chinese authorities to disappear not just Dr. He, but the twin girls whose genes he had edited. The documentary thriller MAKE PEOPLE BETTER reveals the unknown story behind this historic scientific event from the perspectives of those who were there including a whistleblower’s testimony, never-before-seen interviews with He Jiankui, and the depiction of a world being awakened to a future where rival governments and corporations compete to make designer babies the new normal.


Director:  Cody Sheehy
Production:  Rhumbline Media
Producer:  Samira Kiani, Cody Sheehy, Mark Monroe
Editing:  Greg O’toole, A.C.E
Cinematography:  Cody Sheehy
Lenght:  83′
Nation: United States
Year:  2022

Director’s notes:

The genomic revolution will reshape humanity and the natural world. There is a vast array of stories and characters that would all make great films. We ultimately chose to tell a story that would put a human face on this technology and force the viewer to confront how society will be impacted. As a filmmaker, it was an honor to be documenting in real time the historic discovery of the first designer babies born in China. This is an important topic and it is my hope that our film will play a crucial public discourse.