Sense of ``my`` life

Concorso italiano – Lungometraggi


Have you ever asked the modern-day Delphi shrine, namely Google the question of all questions: ‘what is the meaning of life?’ What is the answer you received from the modern-day Pythia: Siri, Alexa or chatGPT? Is there a common, shared answer? The documentary delves into the depths of the web in search of an answer, intertwining with the thoughts and experiences of the author.


Director:  Vito Robbiani
Production:  MEDIATREE
Producer:  Giuliana Ghielmini, Silvana Bezzola Rigolini
Editing:  Adriano Schrade
Cinematography:  Vito Robbiani
Lenght:  90′
Nation: Switzerland, Italy
Year:  2023

Director’s notes:

“I want to find meaning in this life. Even if this life doesn’t have any meaning,” sings Vasco Rossi in a song from 2004.I don’t believe that life has meaning either, but perhaps it makes sense to seek it… The awareness of existence arises from questions, which become the fuel of life. Being immanent helps us make choices, find the best solution. With this documentary, I tried to delve into the depth of the question. This social movie is also a journey into the Internet, a path that until recently was almost unimaginable.