Alone together

Concorso italiano – New talent opera prima


What is the secret behind a lifelong love? What does it take for two individuals to accept each other in all their human complexity? Elke and Klaus, a couple in their eighties, built a house and raised a family. The director, Lilian, is 29 years old. She belongs to a completely different generation. A generation that is afraid to love and had difficulties staying in long-term relationships. Her curiosity to understand the secret ingredient of love drives her to engage in conversations with the couple. They read together the letters written over the years. The result of her research, however, gives no clear answer. The result is the film itself, which through observation shows the everyday life of two elderly people and their love, shedding light on its various facets. Elke’s love is different than the one Klaus feels for her, and the love between the two today is certainly not the same as it was in the 1960s or the 1990s. So, is it enough to embrace the fact that love manifests itself in various, ever-changing forms for it to live on?


Director:  Lilian Sassanelli
Production:  ZeLIG
Producer:  ZeLIG
Editing:  Lucija Ana Ilijić
Cinematography:  Anna Schweitzer
Lenght:  44′
Nation: Italy
Year:  2022

Director’s notes:

This old couple, Elke and Klaus, they are my grandparents. I spent almost all my summer vacations with them. Since the moment I started to imagine my future, I dreamt of having a relationship like theirs. One for life. I have often failed in relationships. I am afraid to commit to someone because that person is then capable of hurting me. I don’t think it’s just me. Many people around me just can’t have a long-lasting relationship. This film was a sort of research for me, a search for answers. An observation and analysis of the love of my grandparents. I wanted to understand the mechanisms that lead to a lifelong relationship. I may not really understand them now, but I am beginning to sense them